Weekly photo challenge: Sea bird

Sea bird


The best thing for me about the weekly photo challenge is that it encourages me to share pictures that would otherwise never see the light of day. 

I rarely use the rule of thirds – the subject of this week’s challenge. If I hadn’t had to sneak up to this creature because of the limitations of my lens, I’d probably not have composed the picture quite like this. And he’d probably not be fixing me with such a steady gaze. Serendipity, perhaps?

I hope he was having a nice day – he certainly seems to be under a something of a cloud. He looks innocent, but I bet he’s been stealing fish.

16 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Sea bird”

  1. I agree with you… photo challenges do help us show photos that may never see the light of day! I am loving this gorgeous Sea Bird… a pelican of sorts.

    1. Your comment inspired me to google ‘pelican’, with sad results. My guess is that it’s a protected brown pelican. News outlets are reporting that someone is attacking them in Florida Keys. They’re such trusting birds – how could anyone hurt a creature like this?

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