Gallery: Zurich Old Town

Zurich is such a visually aware city, and life seems richer for it. I’ve never seen such a fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary design – or better examples of branding signs. 

It’s a sophisticated city, full of contrasts. Steeples, clock towers and cathedrals punctuate the horizon. Narrow, atmospheric streets of restaurants, bars and shops wind up the hillside away from the river. We chose a hotel in Zurich Old Town for our short stay so we could explore this colourful neighbourhood on foot. If you like architectural details, culture and branding you’ll find plenty to interest you here.

The lake, gardens and open spaces will appeal to nature lovers. Gardeners will enjoy the overflowing window boxes, tiny balconies and roof gardens decorated with potted plants and will find two formal botanical gardens: the old and the new. Photographers? They’ll love it all!

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    1. Thanks – me too! I don’t know how I managed to unfollow your blog as it’s one of my favourites – must have been a wayward click, probably on my iPhone! I re-followed again as soon as I realised!

  1. These are all so nice. My favorite is the Cafe Chairs. I like the way you worked with all the other elements and levels of focus in the photo. My eye was drawn straight to the chairs.

  2. So charming! What a delightful gallery! A wonderful prelude to dinner (even if it is only boiled eggs!) Thanks for brightening the day 🙂

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