Weekly photo challenge: serenity

Serene Sculpture 'Ariel' at Hidcote Garden

I discovered this serene sculpted head, titled ‘Ariel’, near the steps at the end of the famous red border at Hidcote Gardens.  But for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m sure it would never have seen the light of day. The succulent looks a little like a flower. 

I’m glad to have had a reason to share it. Funnily enough, one of my other images from this week is also pretty serene.

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  1. It did seem apt! The first that came to mind is one that I really like of my sweetheart cuddling his ‘dawg’, but it’s such a mix of fur and hair that I wasn’t sure if it was like one of those jokes where you really had to be there to get it!

  2. You are a good teacher for me…Might I ask if you would be offended if I copied your idea of a weekly photo challenge inviting posts of images such as hope, compassion and forgiveness?

    1. I’m glad I was able to introduce you to the weekly photo challenge, but can’t claim the idea. If you visit The Daily Post, you’ll find more information about their challenges. There’s a link in the first paragraph above. They welcome suggestions for their challenges.

      Several other bloggers also host their own challenges, and I think it would work wonderfully well for you too. Search for ‘Garden Bloggers Foliage Day’ to find an example. If I could offer a suggestion – it’s more fun if lots of people are involved, so try not to make your brief too difficult. Forgiveness may be harder to convey in a photo than you might think! Or you might consider encouraging people to post either words or pictures in response to your weekly prompt so non-photographers can take part too.

      Good luck!

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