Tips for photographing roses 8: always go straight back

Tips on photographing roses 8: Always go straight backIf you drive past what looks at first glance appears to be a wonderful or very unusual shot, do yourself a favour – turn round, go straight back and capture it. Don’t think you’ll feel more inclined to stop on your journey home.

I can rarely resist the opportunity to take pictures of roses, especially if they are at the peak of flower, but I’ll always regret not turning back to photograph a dishevelled cottage, set just a little way back from the road on a busy street somewhere in the South of England. The yard was full of hollyhocks in flower – I’ve never seen so many in one garden.

It had been a long day. I was still far from where I was going, there was nowhere to park, and yes, it was all extremely wild looking, so I might not have got a decent shot, but why did I not go back?

I don’t know exactly where it was and even if I did, I’m not expecting to pass there again any time soon.

I’ve lost count of how many leggy, unhealthy-looking hollyhocks, I’ve taken pictures of since then, even though they were well past their best, in a vain attempt to make up for the opportunity I missed.

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