Customer complaint? Press here!

An unusual customer complaint button

This customer complaint rat trap sits on the bar of a quirky, highly accessorised place in downtown Jackson, that serves real food, Mississippi style. If you’re unhappy with their service, you are invited to press your finger on the trigger.

Luckily, I thought the customer service was spot on.

If you call in with someone local, you can be sure these folks will remember – and ask about – their whole family. It’s worth a visit just to see what’s on the walls.

They like a bit of fun and a stranger is easy game, so just make sure that you’re not first to accept if they offer y’all a mint!

It’s customer service week. I’m sharing this picture to celebrate the people who patiently, resourcefully, good-humouredly help us navigate the maze of buying things, even though they must sometimes wish they could pass one or two of us this rat trap instead. If you want to get an accurate flavour of a company before joining it, investing in it or buying from it, you’ll find its principles reflected most clearly in the attitudes and methods of its customer-facing staff. As I write this, I’m raising my glass (or rather my coffee cup) in appreciation of one of the most caring and talented customer service representatives I’ve ever worked with, out of so many excellent people – here’s thinking of you, Nicola Blake! Hope you’re having a great week.

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