Anticipation: Commander’s Palace, New Orleans

Commander's Palace Restaurant Sign

Why anticipation? Because while I’ve been close enough to take these pictures, I’ve never eaten there. And I’d like to.

The queue outside suggested that dining at Commander’s Palace would be memorable. Looking at their online menu, I quite fancy Cypress Smoked Louisiana Cochon de Lait:

Falling off the bone tender pork spiced with dark chilies and Creole seasoning over cayenne-pumpkin purée, fire roasted root vegetables & satsuma lacquer.

Menus sometimes trigger word itch. You know, that feeling you get when you’ve been bitten by a minute flying creature, except, in this case, it’s a word.  Continue reading

Lost in Translation: What’s Your Ideal of Beauty?

Strange advert for face cream

I’ve had this picture of a real advert for about a year now and haven’t known whether I should share it. It’s the kind of humour we British are genetically programmed to love, bless our hearts. Most of the original copies will have been recycled by now but because I can’t help looking at adverts from a return on investment perspective, and I carry my camera to record treats or  surprises, it’s preserved here.  Continue reading

Family words

I found myself assuming today that all families have family words. Words that they have made up that others don’t understand. Words that bond and are part of the family culture.

For example my Great Grandma, who was very hospitable, used FHB as a code to her children when too many people presented themselves at tea time for the amount of food available – it meant Family Hold Back. If she said FHB, the family had to pretend to be full or only ask for a very small portion.  Continue reading