Negative online reviews: how to respond like a pro

It may feel heartbreaking to receive a bad review or negative comments when you’re writing as a private individual; if you’re a company, dedicated to providing an excellent product, experience or service, negative reviews could hit your bottom line.

Your first reaction may be that the review is unfair, but take a deep breath. Think very carefully before posting a reply. See this as an intellectual challenge – your response will become part of your brand’s online DNA.  Continue reading “Negative online reviews: how to respond like a pro”

A PR crisis is underway – yikes!

Perhaps a social media post has gone viral in the wrong way; a senior member of your team has said – or done – something unwise; there’s been an accident or major incident; a product is unsafe and needs to be recalled; or customers have been treated poorly. Whatever the issue, it’s moved beyond the concerns of an individual or a manageable group. The press and the public are very interested. Your response will affect your company’s reputation. It’s time to bring out your crisis plan!

If you haven’t got one, you’re not alone – these guidelines will help. But please don’t wait until it’s too late. By setting aside a few minutes to think about how you would deal with a crisis now, you’ll be much better placed to react when the pressure is on.   Continue reading “A PR crisis is underway – yikes!”

PR: 18 tips for working with journalists that are proven to work

It’s become fashionable to talk about the pet PR hates of journalists, yet the articles I’ve seen appear to miss the trick. My partner is an award-winning garden journalist and I’ve also had the chance professionally to work with many talented journalists from around the world. Here’s my common-sense guide to working with these elusive, heavily-stalked creatures:  Continue reading “PR: 18 tips for working with journalists that are proven to work”