Creepy scarecrow

Creepy scarecrow

It’s hard to say who was the most creeped out – the scarecrow (after all, he’s chained to a post, so he can’t run away) or me when we suddenly found ourselves face to face. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions based only on appearances – he may be a jolly nice chap who just happens to look like a killer zombie.  Continue reading “Creepy scarecrow”

Artichokes and allotments

This weekend we were lured to a Yellow Book charity open day in a thriving community garden, Mossfield Allotments in Urmston, by promises of fruit, veggies and flowers, gardeners we could chat to, a brass band & all the cake we could eat for 50p per slice. Now, that’s a North West day out! You might call it entrapment for people of our ilk.

Artichoke crop

I loved this artichoke plant I saw in one of the allotment gardens, but I’ve had to crop it quite tightly as my iPhone’s narrow depth of field makes the background very distracting. The blue and turquoise supports at the top make a frame of sorts, though I’d magically whisk them away if I had the editing skills.  Continue reading “Artichokes and allotments”