How can I market my blog? Should I even try? The blogger’s dilemma.

If we’re going to do any marketing at all, we’re going to have to invest something. It might ‘only’ be time, ideas, creativity and enthusiasm: it might ‘only’ be money. We can justify using ‘only’ if we have a limitless amount of any of these precious resources – and nothing else more meaningful to devote them to.

For most of us, this is not the case. So how do we make wise choices? Continue reading “How can I market my blog? Should I even try? The blogger’s dilemma.”

Tips for photographing roses 10: getting colours right

Tips on photographing roses 10 Getting colours rightI have watched (with real concern) as professional photographers struggled to reproduce colours accurately when taking pictures of cut flowers under studio lighting.  They’ve carefully calibrated their cameras, lighting, reflectors and computer screens. They’ve taken shots of test colour cards and used comparison software to prove that the colours will be reproduced accurately then, immediately afterwards, have taken a shot of a crimson rose that was well out by eye compared to the living flower.

When that happens, I suppose there’s not much you can do except blame the rose. I’m only teasing, though I can share a ‘strange but true’ observation:  Continue reading “Tips for photographing roses 10: getting colours right”

Want quick results in your garden? Or are you a patient gardener?

Gertrude Jekyll Garden, Lindisfarne
A hundred year old garden, designed by Gertrude Jekyll at Lindisfarne and restored by the National Trust

Most industry research tells us that today’s gardeners expect instant results, particularly if they’re new to gardening. Not a problem: if you have the money to throw at a garden, you can almost certainly achieve quick results, if that’s all you aspire to. Just plant or pay someone to plant big, expensive plants – lots of them – when they are all in bud and just about to bloom.

Whether the garden will stay the same for long without intervention is another question! Continue reading “Want quick results in your garden? Or are you a patient gardener?”

Mystery rose: Buff Beauty

Buff Beauty rose

It’s a real pleasure for me when one of my favourite mystery roses is identified. These are ones I have visited and photographed, perhaps several times, but haven’t yet managed to put a name to.

These pictures were taken in a cemetery in Mississippi where hundreds of shrub roses are planted. Many of them don’t just survive, but flower prolifically, despite receiving little or no care. Continue reading “Mystery rose: Buff Beauty”

Tips for photographing roses 9: it’s not all about your camera

Tips on photographing roses 9 It's not all about your camera

“To write a great novel, you need a really expensive pen, right?”

I’ll always remember David Perry saying this as he began his talk to a group of garden writers who were keen to become better photographers.

I noted how well he grabbed our attention from the start by expressing his ideas in a way we could immediately relate to. Writers and bloggers know that opening proposition isn’t true – if only! – so why would so many of us imagine an expensive camera will magically transform us into master photographers? Continue reading “Tips for photographing roses 9: it’s not all about your camera”