The Discover Challenge: Senses


The subtle but beautiful animal print pattern on this moth appealed to my sense of touch so much that it was all I could do to stop myself stroking it. The moth was looking for somewhere to rest during daylight. Nothing could deter it from selecting this wooden bench – not even a human being with a camera looming in to take its picture.

I left it in peace.

We’re officially credited with five senses, but we have other ways of perceiving that are not quite so easy to put your finger on. This moth was drawn by instinct – some kind of extra sense – to alight on a similarly coloured surface that could provide camouflage to help protect it from predators.

Was it just a lucky coincidence that it settled down near holes in the wood that seemed to echo the darker patches on its shoulders to help it blend in visually?

Nature seems full of hidden secrets when we pay attention. I love the way the bottom of each wing is edged by a neat, slender band of alternating colours, like a contrasting trim added by a designer to finish off a fine piece of fabric.

I’m linking to the Daily Post’s newly launched challenge for writers, photographers, creatives and artists working in any medium. We’re invited to share any kind of post that relates to the week’s theme: something that piques one of the five senses. I hope you’ll join in.

16 Replies to “The Discover Challenge: Senses”

  1. Beautiful shot, beautiful moth and such a beautifully written post. I didn’t know about this challenge, I will take a look. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I remember being given warnings about not touching butterflies and moths when I was little ‘to stop the magic dust being rubbed off’.

  2. This is such an exquisite shot. The pattern of the wooden bench seem to match well as a horizontal contrast to the moth’s pattern. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

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