PR: 18 tips for working with journalists that are proven to work

It’s become fashionable to talk about the pet PR hates of journalists, yet the articles I’ve seen appear to miss the trick. My partner is an award-winning garden journalist and I’ve also had the chance professionally to work with many talented journalists from around the world. Here’s my common-sense guide to working with these elusive, heavily-stalked creatures:  Continue reading “PR: 18 tips for working with journalists that are proven to work”

Blogging101: ideas, fun and a few minor frustrations

For today’s Blogging101 task we needed to think about changing our name and tagline, but I’m writing under my own name for pretty much the first time ever and am happy with that decision. And my tagline: ‘gardening, roses, photos, creative’ could be much better, but at least it gives people some kind of handle on the type of subjects I write about.

Continue reading “Blogging101: ideas, fun and a few minor frustrations”