This is my personal website. I’m really enjoying the blogging experience and the online company of so many lovely people. Thanks for visiting me here.

I write for my blog with one ideal reader in mind – a thoughtful, caring, playful person, willing to explore ideas on different subjects, as we might if we were to meet face to face. One who is willing to suspend disbelief for a few minutes: someone who is happy to take an idea and see where they can run with it.

Flowers in sunlight

Flowers in sunlight

I have a childish love of flowers: I’ve seen far too many trendy, almost flowerless gardens, but for me, a garden just isn’t the same without them. My interest in gardening runs deep, inspired by my maternal grandma (Mama), my naturalist father and my mother.

I’ll be posting photographs of all kinds of flowering plants here, particularly roses, woodland or shade plants and traditional cottage garden favourites. While I’ll share some of my experiences growing plants, stories from visits to some of my favourite gardens and reviews of plant catalogues, I’m sorry that you’ll need to look elsewhere for technical gardening advice.

I’ll post pictures of quirky things I see on my travels too, each with some kind of creative angle or a story to tell. All the pictures you’ll see here are my own, except for the odd one I’ll try to cadge for you from my sweetheart.

Rosa 'William Morris'

Rosa ‘William Morris’

I’m still learning how to take better pictures, though I do claim some expertise in one rather obscure category of nature photography: taking pictures of roses. You can find out why and how I started here. In my first weeks of blogging, I published a series of tips designed to help you get better results if you set out to capture a picture of a flower. They’re not the kind you’ll find elsewhere.

Although my focus in these posts is on roses, most tips work equally well for all flowering plants. Here’s a link to one to my most popular post from the series, Tip 3: Work with nature, not against it. If you enjoy that one, you can find the whole series here.

I have a degree in English Language and Literature and I love reading poetry, prose and drama, though so far I’ve only ventured to share one tip on reading poetry.

An unusual customer complaint button

Customer complaints department rat trap

It might seem unusual to see marketing listed as an interest, blended in with my other passions – nature, words, happiness, sense of place – but it doesn’t hurt to be unusual.

But don’t expect my thoughts about marketing to end with an optimised call to action. This is my personal website: it’s where I have fun, share ideas and reach out to other bloggers.

Through marketing, I’ve had the chance to work with different cultures and to visit places I would never have seen, except in films or on TV. It’s why I’m in a long-distance relationship with a sweet garden writer from the Southern States of America. It’s part of my life and an ongoing fascination for me.

I’ll be freely sharing some of my mistakes and insight here; showing how the best marketing is honest, transparent and helpful; and suggesting a few simple ideas you can do yourself that might just make a difference. Read my common sense tips on how to work with journalists to see what I mean.

BirdsI’m always happy to receive genuine comments or observations, telling me which posts and pictures have struck a chord; letting me know where you think I’ve missed something; sharing another viewpoint; letting me know where you agree, or think I’m going wrong. I value diversity – it’s what makes us human.

I’ve been told I have the knack of connecting seemingly unrelated ideas to illustrate a point. For me, it’s just part of being a creative person. So, my private thoughts – the ones I’m sharing here – might quite naturally range from Zen poetry, through the challenges of having a very large advertising budget, to ideas on how to write interesting content about bar stools… it might seem unlikely, but it’s all linked, I promise.

And yes, I know that’s not how you’re ‘supposed’ to write, but I’ve done a good deal of disciplined writing for business and I’m enjoying the freedom to write more personally here. While you might not know exactly where I’m going in a post, my intention will always be the same: to share some of my experiences; to explore ideas or consider options; to see if together, in our overlapping online communities, we can make our lives richer and happier in some way.

If you’d like to follow along, you couldn’t be more welcome – here’s a link to my blog.

Asters with butterfly

131 thoughts on “About

  1. creativeartphoto says:

    I look forward to reading more of your articles. You certainly have beautiful, very flowing and interesting writing style. As you, I am also passionate about garden design, flowers and particularly roses.

  2. lizMc says:

    Hi Susan, I could easily spend all afternoon wandering around this blog–as if I were wandering in an enchanted garden. Thank you for sharing the beautiful images and candid observations. And thanks for dropping by my place, too!

  3. Old Herbaceous says:

    I first discovered your blog through our shared love of David Austin roses and have so enjoyed following your travels and photographs! Alas, as I live in the American South, it is hard to grow many of the roses here, as you’ve probably observed. I’ve had reasonably good luck with Teasing Georgia and am optimistic about the Generous Gardener I planted in a large pot this spring, with a view to possibly moving it this fall to a spot where I can train it horizontally. In the meantime, I love to look at your photos — thanks for sharing them!

  4. samfiftysomething says:

    Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m so glad you did because I then found yours. It’s beautiful. I love flowers 🌺 & plants (particularly a big tree lover actually) but nature as a whole. The photo of the Rosa at the top of this post is amazing, it looks like it pops out at us x

  5. derrickjknight says:

    Although I have followed you for a while, Susan, this is the first time I have read this, prompted by wanting to know more about the person I felt in tune with. And then I see your degree. I got S level English in 1960 but chose to go to work in Marine Insurance to bring income into my family. I didn’t stay too long in the commercial world 🙂

  6. The Schulz Blog says:

    I saw your recent like on my post about Plant Sharing, so I came to your site to check it out. Oh Susan! You are a woman after my own heart. Your photos are gorgeous, and I can tell that I am going to love seeing what you post. I will also have to turn my mother on to your blog. She and I both love English gardens. I live in a 1926 Tudor/Craftsman and we are redoing all of the gardens around it. I’ve also recently taken up photography this winter, so I cannot WAIT until spring where I can start shooting some of our flowers and insects. So glad to make the connection with you!

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