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My marketing ethos explained

I’ve had the chance to learn from experience, so my instincts can help you cut through the mystique that surrounds marketing.

While almost everyone has to think about marketing these days, I’m not sure that people have a firm idea of what it involves, what it should be, and how it relates to social media. We’re uncomfortable about how we market ourselves to others – and with good reason!

Because I love to see marketing done well, intrusive, insistent or inappropriate advertising probably disappoints me more than most. If I’m looking forward to reading something interesting online and a huge advert obliterates it, why would anyone think this gives me a positive feeling towards the advertiser? I really don’t care to be silently stalked by a dress I decided I didn’t want a day or so ago.

Everyone’s welcome

I hope professionals will find my approach refreshing, but even a complete novice has the knowledge to join in. Pick any of the subjects above, and I’m confident you’ll find yourself reconsidering your views, and exploring how and why they differ from my own.

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