Whimsical Yard Art in the Cooper-Young District

Yard art: hippy bee with glasses
Hippy bee

I promised to share more pictures from the recent Cooper-Young Garden Walk. Here’s some of the yard art (garden art, where I’m from) that was liberally scattered around the 90 or so private gardens taking part.

Stone fountain with three embracing frogs
Three frogs fountain
Metal drummer frog on a wire plant stand
Drummer frog
Yard art: yellow butterfly with cute face
Butterfly laced with holes
Yard art: metal owl on a branch
Owl on a leafy branch
Yard art: fairy reading a book in the shade
Fairy reading in the shade
Whimsical angel yard art
Smiling angel (and sun)
Cockerel yard art, hostas and bird bath
Cockerel, hostas and bird bath
Pink and blue plastic flamingoes
Him and her flamingoes
Statue with lilies
Statue among lilies
Irridescent metal butterfly
Irridescent butterfly
Yoga rabbit and metal pig planter
Yoga rabbit and metal pig planter
Cow garden art

Did you see any you liked?

21 Replies to “Whimsical Yard Art in the Cooper-Young District”

  1. The cockerel and the iridescent butterflies appealed, but my favorite was the last. It didn’t remind me of a cow so much as the mythical Auroch in the film Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    1. I was not sure what to call it. Auroch would have been much better. We had real aurochs over here until a few centuries ago. I’d have loved to have seen one.

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