Winter’s Decorations

Dried-up fern makes curly patterns

The bright city lights have little appeal for me this year. Nature leaves out decorations for those who look – and the human imagination has all the tools needed to play along.

A dried-up fern provides row after row of Christmas trees, viewed one way; party streamers or garlands of tinsel, another.  I could contend that the plant had just taken a deep breath and puffed out a whole load of party blowers, captured here at peak toot, but you don’t need me to labour the point.

I’ll just share one more picture, with your blessing…

Beech tree backlit as winter sun sets

a young beech tree, its leaves gleaming in the setting sun, a few days before the Winter Solstice.

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26 Replies to “Winter’s Decorations”

  1. Bright city lights cannot compare. This year especially the gentleness of Nature’s decorations are easier on the spirit, I think. These are lovely — thank you!

    1. The light was like a gift of nature… and speaking of gifts, I read your sweet story this morning. I enjoyed it so much that I went straight back to where the angel-dog came in and read it again through to the end.

  2. The fern is my favorite photo, but the beech reminds me of the east Texas woods, and the native orchid that often grows below or near it. The patterns in the beech leaves remind me of elm; they’re beautiful in that light.

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