Where Was I?

Juliet Forrest Glass Flower Garden Ornaments
Juliet Forrest Glass Flowers

It’s the season for quizzes. Half of these pictures were taken in Mississippi and half in England.  Can you guess which is which?

Lawn ornaments - gnomes, tambourine player and mushrooms
Lawn ornaments
Bejewelled plastic pink flamingo
Bejewelled pink flamingo
Alleyway garden with mantelpiece and chair planter
Mantelpiece garden
Christmas cookie designs
Christmas treats
Flamingo wearing green bow and Santa hat
Flamingo Santa

I’m not sure if a clue would be warranted but for now, I’ll just say that what might seem like a clue isn’t one.

To meet HeyJude’s request that we celebrate colour in December.

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      1. The glass flowers are fabulous. I wouldn’t mind some of those in my borders. As for the cookies – I used to make Lebkuchen when my children were small, with a hole so they could be hung on the tree. Funny how they used to disappear overnight… 😂

        1. So they were appreciated! Replying to Tony, I vaguely remembered packets of sugar-coated biscuits with coffee, yellow and pink icing from long ago.

          1. I think the ones you are remembering are Crawford’s Iced Shorties – usually came in the Rover tin. I suspect we all had tins of biscuits at Christmas.

          2. It’s not those, although they do fit the description. I’ve searched but in the days of film we did not take pictures of our biscuits! The icing went right to the edge, was shiny and had a slightly brittle or flaky quality when you ate it. Mama would have known what they were and Mum might remember. I found iced gems while searching – I’ve eaten a few of those in my time!

      1. I never see them here anymore. It was a joke many many years ago because it seemed every yard in town had pink plastic flamingos.

  1. I, too, would guess the flamingoes to be in Mississippi. But in the last shot, the trees have a decided fall/winter look, and since I’ve never been to Mississippi, I’m not sure what the trees look like there in late fall, early winter. Anyone, a fun post that indicates whimsy and color are not restricted to a certain place.

  2. I’m no good at quizzes like these but I loved all the pictures, some of which we’ve seen before. So, thanks for the colour and the pleasure your phots have given all year.

  3. I’m going with 2, 5 and 6 Mississippi, the others UK. (Having lived in both the UK and the southern U.S., I think I may have a pretty good shot at this.) Are you going to reveal the answers? Now I’m intrigued!

  4. They all look like Mississippi to me, so I will say that #1, #4 and #5 are more likely to be in England. The glass flowers seem to be of a slightly more European style. Christmas cookies could be anywhere, but do not seem to be as American as the other three pictures that I believe to be from Mississippi. The stone architecture is more likely to be English than in Mississippi. Dracaena and what seems to be a scrub palm in the second picture are not likely as popular in England as they are in Mississippi. That bejeweled pink flamingo does not seem to be of English style, if pink flamingos even live in England at all. Likewise, the pink flamingo and nativity in what seems to be a suburban yard with a hazy lawn and hybrid tea rose do not seem to be so English.

    1. I tried to make them all look like Mississippi, so I’m glad. They don’t have many gnomes though. 1, 2 and 4 were England. I have never seen sugar cookies like those over here although there may be some I’m missing. We sometimes had packets of sugar-coated biscuits when I was a child, but they were not quite the same.

  5. I’m going with Jude. I’m not much good at quizzes but it seems I’m going to one on Friday so I need the practise. And in the meantime, let me wish you the happiest of festive seasons and good health in 2022. Merry Christmas, Susan!

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