Red Clothes

Gnome wearing glasses and Converse shoes
Store gnome, on guard

Many stores have taken to employing gnomes as a deterrent to shop lifters. To a casual browser who has no ill intent, the gnome’s expression seems friendly and appealing, but a more particular look ought to deter any potential miscreant who knows what’s good for them.

Don’t believe me? I’ll adopt an attitude of air sneck and leave you to browse the other pictures in peace.

Graffiti of Snoopy with red cape and paint roller on a brick wall
Snoopy caught in the act of painting a wall
Red shoe at Broomhill Art Hotel
Red shoe awaiting a giant Cinderella
"Red Dress" lego sculpture by Nathan Sawaya
“Red Dress” lego sculpture with suspended fragments by Nathan Sawaya
Mr Incredible scarecrow on a stone wall
Mr Incredible scarecrow relaxing between missions
Cow Vintage store window display, Manchester
Cow Vintage suggests five potential costumes for the next Doctor Who

Shared for HeyJude’s Colour2021 Challenge.

25 Replies to “Red Clothes”

  1. I look at these with your comment about red and invisibility fresh in my mind, and there is a whole new dimension to all of this. I love the suspended red Legos, which to me appear to have spattered from the dress, and I enjoyed the renewal of “air sneck” in my memory; I’d remembered the rite but forgotten its name.

    1. I am not too sure those who decide to circle traffic warning signs in red have heard of the invisibility idea. Perhaps gnomes and traffic signs have less in common than we might think.

    1. After several years my sweetheart and I have less propensity to find our noses going skywards, but ‘less’ should not be read as ‘no’.

  2. Your comment about gnomes guarding shops brings to mind coulrophobia, a fear of clowns: fun for some but really scary for other people.

    1. It would make a good personality test, wouldn’t it? You’re right, most of them would have worked if I’d have thought of it.

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