Purple Flowers and Foliage

Rosa Veilchenblau: purple rambling rose
Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ is a purple rambling rose

If you’re looking for a purple rambling rose, there aren’t many to choose from. Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ has its passionate fans and detractors, as do many roses. It only flowers once and is not resistant to blackspot: this plant has a freckling of it on the leaves. The spent flowers don’t drop cleanly, so the plant becomes scruffier towards the end of flowering. But what a rare beauty it is at its zenith, throwing out arching canes of flowers that become more purple with age.

Purple hen and chicks
Purple hen and chicks

My next is not a rose but a rosette. Hens and chicks come in a tempting array of colours and there are plenty of purples to choose from, some named, others hybrid seedlings. My favourites are normally the bluish ones, but this fine purple caught my eye. I only have a vigorously spreading green one that my sweetheart won as a door prize.

Purple-leaved heuchera covered with rain droplets
Purple heuchera

More purple leaves, this time a heuchera from one of the shows way back when. The leaves had a metallic sheen highlighted by splashes of rain.

White viola with purple whiskers
White viola with purple whiskers

My last is predominantly white, with a pinkish flush towards the edge of the upper petals. The ‘hero’ flower is such a pretty little thing. We think of purple as a rich, weighty colour, but here it adds spice and soul without taking away a jot of the flower’s natural radiance.

Shared for Life In Colour: Purple. HeyJude is sharing a Pasque flower today that is alive with purple richness.

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  1. That purple rose is eye-catching. I really like your description of the purple in the viola, how the color doesn’t dominate and instead adds spice.

  2. I am reminded of the classic “I never saw a purple cow” poem. I never saw a purple rose! Of all these purple captures, I think I like the purple whiskers the best — but then what’s not to love about the little viola? HeyJude’s Pasque flower is stunning. I’d never thought of purple as spice and soul, but I think you’re exactly right about it. True purple is both.

    1. I’m waiting for a sky-blue-pink-with-yellow-dots-on theme. I am sure it’s only a matter of time. I’m glad you like the viola.

  3. I am loving the purple hens & chicks and heuchera and the grow nicely in my garden. I am on the lookout for more – although I am only finding one purple hens & chicks in my neighborhood.

    1. I have been wondering whether a part of my green one will be happy outside. I’ll perhaps give it a try later in the summer. We are still getting frosts and had a longish burst of hailstones yesterday.

  4. Great examples of the darker shades of purple here, with the exception of the dainty Viola. I have a purple Heuchera too and must look out for more of the Sempervivums – I have a few, but leaning more to the red shades than purple.

    1. An issue with the coloured sempervivums is that they don’t look the same all year round, so you might see one and think, I love that!, then find out it is an exception rather than the norm. Some of the brighter colours look a bit sickly at some stages and others turn more or less green.

      1. Yes, they can look terrible in winter and then change colour in the spring. But I still like them and they are, on the whole, easy plants to care for.

        1. They are easy. I killed the cactus he won at the same time, although I only realised it was dead when it fell over.

  5. All the flowers are so beautiful..the purple colour is so alluring..the purple hen and chicks looks so different, I have never seen that flower ever. The clicks are amazing!

  6. That purple hen and chicks is an eye catcher! I hope I find them here in Bavaria. I have this purple Heuchera in the garden as well and it has fresh dark new leaves.Great Purple take Susan, thank you for sharing it, you are really a plant Goddess!

  7. I love the Hens and chicks 🙂 This name was new for me… We call them “donderkoppen” in dutch (free translated in thunder heads.

  8. Lovely. But you’ll have Jude to answer to. She seems very particular about her purples and her violets, so will the viola pass muster?

  9. Delicious examples! You remind me, I really ought to get on the case but I’ve kind of lost momentum. Off to the naughty corner I go 🙂 🙂

  10. BTW it is very difficult to reply to other comments on your site for some reason. Have you got to the bottom of why this is happening? There is just no post comment button.

    1. How did you manage it? I checked all my settings today and everything looks fine, but I have exactly the same issue we discussed earlier in that I have to have two tabs open and click from one to the other to get the box to refresh. The only thing I can think of is it is linked to my stopping people from liking comments but that was ages ago. I did that because ‘bloggers’ kept liking every comment, including ‘Thanks’ and I didn’t want to be associated with them or for my readers to be constantly getting notifications about likes. Very few people have ever interacted with other people’s comments, no matter what theme I’ve been using. Do people do it much on your blog? It is OK in the Reader, by the way.

      1. I turned likes off comments on my blogs too, but you can still like one in the Reader. I think I refreshed the page to reply to another comment, but that didn’t work when I tried replying to Jo. I often reply to comments made by other people, especially if they are asking for ID of a plant.

          1. It did. Eventually. I copied and pasted the text and pressed return/refresh several times. And then the post comment button magically appeared! Have you asked one of the happiness engineers about it?

          2. I did when it first started. She checked and said she could see nothing wrong. That’s how I found the workaround, having two tabs open while chatting to her. I have just triple checked all the settings. It isn’t theme related because I can comment on other blogs using the theme. It isn’t browser based.

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