Ricardo Cat by Niki de Saint-Phalle

Ricardo Cat mirror mosaic

Several of these pictures show abstract-seeming details of a monumental sculpture packed with colourful gleams and glints.

Mirror mosaic reflecting textures

Part mirror, part glass mosaic on the inside, by moving a few inches to this side or that the viewer can make its textures, patterns and colours change like a kaleidoscope.

It has a joyful character, with octopus, star and heart motifs. Blue, red, green, silver and gold mosaic tiles and natural pebbles complete the effect.

Ricardo Cat by Niki de Saint-Phalle

Stepping back, we see a curvy cat in the form of a playhouse for children with arms like a hug around a flat bench-style lap. The sculpture was flanked by a ‘Do not climb’ notice which I saw several children ignoring.

It’s difficult to judge what the artist herself would have hoped for or to hit a balance between criticising the notice or the children. We don’t want art to be destroyed, but I get the feeling the artist included features by design that would at the least tempt children to play in it.

Coloured glass and mirror mosaic

Ricardo Cat is in the Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Its French, American, Swiss artist, Niki de Saint-Phalle, is known under a dozen different (or slightly different) names. I’ve used the one marked preferred.

Shared for Becky’s Bright Squares. By coincidence, we are thinking along the same lines.

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  1. How good to see this! I too was just reading about her and with fond memories. When I lived in CA, I was not far from Escondido, where there is a sculpture park designed by her. It is a wonder! I was in awe of it, and my very small (at that time) grandchildren loved it too. Last time I visited it I was profoundly disheartened to see that mosaic pieces were missing. That hurt! What a monument to imagination it was and I hope still is!

  2. I’d never heard of her until your post but she certainly is an interesting artist even if I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. I can’t fault the colours though. As I said, interesting.

  3. It’s an interesting sculpture and looks as though it is designed for children to climb or snuggle up on the bench with a cushion or two and a book. It has reminded me of a Buddha in the YSP – now I need to see who did that one.
    And what do you know! She did!

    1. She has quite a recognisable style with the curves, materials and colours. Which I now see is pretty much what you just said to Becky 🙂

  4. Love that sculpture.

    Reminds me of a vase I have made up of mosaic and mirror chips. It reflects (in patches) the flower colour (in the vase) or wood colour on which the vase sits.

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