Floral Mix-up

Scabious, agastache, helenium

Achillea, scabious, agastache, agapanthus

Five classic cottage garden flowers – Achillea, Agapanthus, Agastache, Digitalis (foxglove) and Helenium – looked fresh and modern in this floral mix-up of fun, froth and fireworks. Every angle I viewed from had a slightly different story to tell.

I was so taken by the Agastache that I tried to buy some shortly afterwards. Todd’s Botanics, who created the design for the Hampton Court Flower Show, weren’t offering those cultivars online. After a little searching, I managed to place an order elsewhere but as sometimes happens when handling live plant material, when the delivery time came, I had an apologetic e-mail to explain that the Agastache could not be supplied.

I still look back fondly at the colours and  moods in this series of images and have already shared different angles / colour combinations together with the cultivar names in this earlier post. And while I didn’t manage to get the flowers in my tiny garden, those of you visiting my website may recognise that I’m using a crop of them as my website header.

Shared for Becky’s SquareUp Challenge.

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