Gallery of Purple and Violet Flowers

Purple phlox, blue bottles and hollyhocks

Alcea 'Halo Lavender' and Daucus carota
Alcea ‘Halo Lavender’ and Daucus carota
Purple million bells (calibrachoa)
Purple million bells (calibrachoa)
Hedge of flower with purple spikes
Purple spikes
Lacecap hydrangea
Lacecap hydrangea
Purple and white pansies
Purple verbena and stachys
Verbena (and stachys)

I’m sharing these purple and violet flowers for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge in the hope they will be uplifting.

If you know what the purple spikes are, please let me know and I’ll update the caption. At a push I’d guess nepeta but if so, it’s an unusually fine flower.

25 Replies to “Gallery of Purple and Violet Flowers”

  1. They are indeed uplifting, and so needed! I am partial to the blue glass and red hollyhocks in the top photo, but all of them are mood lifters. And who can beat those sweet violets for lightening the heart? Thank you!

  2. I really like the dusky color of those flowers in the second picture, but they’re all stunning! Those spikes look like the May Night salvia that I have.

    1. There are lots of good salvias these days. We tried out ‘Caradonna’ this year, hoping for something spectacular, but it sulked on my Mum’s clay. I should have known better.

  3. Gorgeous! I had a lacecap hydrangea just like the one in your photo in our previous garden in Scotland – I miss it!

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