Gallery of Purple and Violet Flowers

Purple phlox, blue bottles and hollyhocks

Alcea 'Halo Lavender' and Daucus carota
Alcea ‘Halo Lavender’ and Daucus carota
Purple million bells (calibrachoa)
Purple million bells (calibrachoa)
Hedge of flower with purple spikes
Purple spikes
Lacecap hydrangea
Lacecap hydrangea
Purple and white pansies
Purple verbena and stachys
Verbena (and stachys)

I’m sharing these purple and violet flowers for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge in the hope they will be uplifting.

If you know what the purple spikes are, please let me know and I’ll update the caption. At a push I’d guess nepeta but if so, it’s an unusually fine flower.

25 Replies to “Gallery of Purple and Violet Flowers”

    1. I nearly missed this comment Tony and now I have found it, I was puzzled at first thinking you meant your little dog, Rhody. A google search set me straight. 🙂

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