Sarasota Sunset With Silhouettes

Sunset view of Sarasota Bay

Darwen is not known for its sunsets. Now the evenings are drawing in, I get excited to watch grey or lavender clouds pass over a paler blue-grey, pink-grey or silver-grey sky. The effect can be dramatic, often in a glowering, it’s surely going to chuck it down before you get home kind of way.

And on a clear day, it is possible to see the Irish Sea thirty miles or so away, but not from the town. We have to be at the top of the Jubilee Tower, or to have made our way up the cobbles of Donkey Brew and out on to a track through farmland towards Roddlesworth. From the crest of that hill we can glimpse the sun silvering the sea away in the distance.

Sarasota Bay silhouettes

So you can imagine that the chance to share a Sarasota sunset in January last year was a real treat. I won’t say ‘more uplifting’, but only because my heart is attuned to the subtleties of a northern landscape. It was certainly more photogenic, more romantic.

Sunset at Sarasota with plastic flamingos

We were only in Sarasota briefly, but my sweetheart had probably wrangled it so we could catch the bay at sunset. Imagine us, if you will, as these plastic flamingos, enjoying the sun go down together.

Sarasota Bayfront Park at sunset

Elsewhere on the promenade at Bayfront Park, couples sat or strode together looking tiny under the trees

Sarasota jetty at sunset

I’m sharing these pictures, rather out of the blue, for HeyJude’s 2020 Photo Challenge: seascape with sunset.

23 Replies to “Sarasota Sunset With Silhouettes”

  1. How beautiful! I do believe there is something of an opal in all these skies and their companion waters. The silhouettes are not only gorgeous, but lend themselves to quite the series of sibilant sounds! I had a hard time, however, getting past “the cobbles of Donkey Brew.” If that’s not the title of a book of poetry, nothing is, and I had to linger over it a while.

  2. Really beautiful sunsets over the sea, we see that red sky here too. But I also like the sound of the more glowering clouds over Darwen. Out of the blue is great 😊

    1. There’s something very uplifting about sunset, even if it’s just a faint pink smear. When we were little, we used to be put to bed earlier than we wanted to go, but as a treat Mum would wake us up to see a really good sunset.

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