Street Art On A Building Site


First, my apologies to anyone who can read the graffiti if there is anything rude on it. I am hoping there is not. If you know better, please let me know!

We happened upon the site as it was being demolished. The interest in the picture for me is the perspective of the man on the wall who seems to be contemplating his fate.

I also like the animated peace symbol, drawn as if it is walking a tightrope (the wire leading to the security lighting). As it is difficult to pick out, I’ve enlarged it below:

Animated peace symbol

Shared for Becky’s JulySquares.

27 Replies to “Street Art On A Building Site”

  1. These are great. I love good street art. There’s a place in Detroit that has turned into a walk/bike trail where artists have painted the underside of bridges. I posted about it last year sometime. I’ll have to go find that post.

  2. I love the thoughtful looking man and the brightly coloured jumble of shapes next to him. I presume this wasn’t in the UK?

  3. What an image. To my eyes, this is all about being broken. Fragmented. The art on the wall, the pavement, those steel jaws — they all seem about brokenness. It’s very evocative, especially with those lines that appear to mark puzzle pieces. You do have a good eye!

  4. I see zich haten–hating oneself–but can’t figure out any other letters. I like the portrait and the moving peace sign as well. It’s nicely colorful stuff. I do like to see murals. Is this in Germany?

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