25 Replies to “Fragrant Flowers: Lilacs”

    1. I associate lilacs with Mama, but whether she had a tree or a perfume, I couldn’t say. She quoted a verse she had heard about a lilac tree which suggested they need to be beaten to thrive. It was the type of verse we rightly don’t pass around today.

  1. Most who live in the Santa Clara Valley are from somewhere else. Clients who were from Texas or Oklahoma could be identified by the lilacs in their gardens before their accents. Those from coastal Texas like gardenias too. I do know know why they were so predictable. I mean, everyone loves lilacs.

      1. Yes! I grew the French hybrids for a few years because they were supposed to be better suited to mild climates. However, the straight species, which is still my favorite, does just fine, even in the Los Angeles region. It does not need as much chill as it is purported to need.

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