Yarn Bombing Day

Yarn bombing - hexagon design left in a wood

When I discovered that today was World Yarn Bombing Day I had to share this picture. A yarn motif left in a wood may strike some readers as out of place (and I don’t see much yarn bombing in North West England*) but I don’t think the tree minds. If the tree kept a diary, it would surely celebrate the attention and the intention.

And for this human being, the sight of a simplified rainbow design in early April, placed where a solitary passerby would see it, provided a small comfort, a sign of hope and togetherness in those first cold and scary days as we tried to adjust to a topsy turvy world.

If you have any pictures to share, please join in! When creative people get together, the world is better for it.

For more about yarn bombing day, check out today’s posts on Coastal Crochet and Wild Daffodil or find out about Grace Brett on the Women You Should Know website. I prefer the term Grace used for her hobby, yarnstorming.

*Of course, it is more than possible I’m not moving in the right circles.

27 Replies to “Yarn Bombing Day”

  1. Well, who knew? I should have done, as Thirsk, a mere 10 miles from here always has a yarnstorming (they call it ‘bombing’ though) display in the market Square, usually irreverent and fun.It’s a lovely, fun art-form. I’d say ‘inclusive’, but it wouldn’t include me, as I can’t knit.

  2. “When creative people get together, the world is better for it.” Yes! Also love “If the tree kept a diary…” What a lovely way with words you have!

  3. I have seen trees with crocheted colorful jackets. In the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, in a block called Little Ethiopia, they have beautiful trees wrapped in crochet jackets. Creativity abounds around the world. Hope you are safe and well.

  4. Me? Yarn? That’s too much like sewing, so I have nothing creative (or otherwise) to offer, but I can appreciate the moment you spotted the yarn on the tree, and I bet the tree has had a very good time watching people react. I heartily agree on the power of creative people together! That power just might get us through this moment!

    1. Fingers crossed! I like the idea of the tree watching people’s reactions. I had assumed a person had made this, but now you’ve got me thinking…

      1. Peony 8ft And happy and next to 8ft olive tree covered on olives (so far). David’s Malvern Hills has beeb spectacular but just coming to an end but hey ho plenty more to come.

  5. I have never heard about “Yarn Bombing Day”. A great idea and I do agree, when creative people get together, the world is better for it. Thanks for sharing and I love the colorful yarn motif 🙂

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