24 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Well Dressing (Detail)”

      1. I remember that from before. You had another post — or maybe more than one — featuring those dressings, and I was blown away at the work in them! They are a tradition, yes?

        1. Rather like the green man, the origins go back too far for certainty, but are linked to how thankful people are for fresh water when supplies are uncertain.

        1. I was just wondering in a comment below if they would still be able to do them this year. According to the timetable online, many are postponed or cancelled.

    1. They’d be right up your street. They are an impressive size and so carefully and ingeniously constructed. I loved how the sheep are pussy willows in this one.

    1. I wonder if they will struggle to do them this year, with social distancing. I can imagine it takes many heads clustered around for quite some time in a normal year.

  1. I am American and hadn’t heard of well dressing until your post. Love this kind of tradition! Is your photo of a picture that you made of things found in nature, such as seeds, pussywillow, etc?

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