Hummingbird Nest

Hummingbird nest

My sweetheart once found this felted hummingbird nest on the ground. It was about as long as my thumb, but a little broader, and the opening was tiny – about the size of an English penny.

The nest looked extremely cosy, like a tiny rucksack, though it’s hard to imagine any bird could fit inside it. Sadly, the slender supporting branch had broken off, perhaps in a storm. There was no sign of a bird and no way to tell how long it had been there. We hung the twig in an acer to take a picture.

As Laurie is looking out for hummingbird pictures to share, I wanted to reciprocate, so I dug this out of my files. I’ve never managed to take a picture of a hummingbird. I have sometimes seen them, to my delight, when I’ve been in the Southern United States, but am usually too stunned to even reach for a camera.

There is something miraculous about hummingbirds – the way they hover around a flower seems more like a bee than a bird.

I once witnessed one in a battle over a flower with a Monarch butterfly, shattering some of my bucolic illusions of both creatures. Neither was willing to give up the prospect of nectar. That gave some perspective for an article I found online: How to deal with an angry hummingbird.

Chance would be a fine thing! I wish we had them in England. They would need overcoats, but it looks like they could weave them, if they set their minds to it.

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  1. Aren’t those nests a marvel? As for hummingbirds…To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Though they be but little, they are fierce.” In our backyard, there are frequent hummingbird battles over the feeders. Fortunately, no blood seems to be spilled. Instead, a lot of zooming.

    1. It’s a marvel any nest could be so small. Have you ever seen a baby hummingbird? I wonder if they don’t fly until they are adult sized?

  2. You do get Hummingbird Hawk Moths. I remember a few people telling me they had had a Hummingbird in the garden in the U.K. having mistaken the moth for a Hummingbird.

  3. I have a FB friend in CA who has a hummingbird nest on a ceiling beam in her back covered patio. She’s had one there the past few years. It’s been fascinating to watch, she’s set up a camera with a long lens far away from mama bird’s nest and we’ve been able to see the babies get bigger. Amazing they even fit in the little nest. I haven’t seen a hummingbird nest shaped like the one you saw, ours are little open cups.

  4. I can’t abide the bickering at sugar feeders, so I opt for providing flowers that they savor… Cuphea, Fuchsia, Scarlet Runner Bean, and Honeysuckle. They love our native Jewelweed, too.

    1. That sounds like the perfect buffet. The hummingbird and the butterfly I saw were fighting over a Manettia (firecracker vine).

  5. I have never seen a hummingbird nest before! So delicate! Hummingbird Hawk Moths have been in my garden a couple of times – a thrilling experience, but I too would love to have the real birds here – in Sweden.

  6. What a tiny nest……and so unusual compared to the bird’s nest I usually see.

    I’ve admired Hummingbirds on many an overseas blog I follow, but can’t imagine how one would capture those tiny birds, with their wings flapping so fast, in a photo. I guess it takes lots of practice. But then that’s what I always say practise, practise & more practise is the key to great captures in photography.

  7. I have never seen a hummingbird’s nest before (not even in a photograph) – so it is lovely that you shared your capture. It is a sad that it had fallen off the branch – I guess the occupants had to build a new one.

    We don’t have hummingbirds in Singapore – the closest we have are Sunbirds. We have several who visit the tree outside our bedroom window, and sometimes they come to our apartment balcony. They are adorable.

      1. I caught sight of a nest which looks very much like yours. If not for your photo, I would not even have registered its presence. I have run past it several times the last few days and yesterday caught sight of a beak poking out!

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