WordPress Gremlins

You may have noticed a few gremlins in the works as you’re out and about on WordPress. I know of two current issues that seem unrelated – missing posts and missing comments.

1: Posts not appearing in the Reader

I’ve always assumed that all the posts published by people I follow will automatically appear in my Reader but recently I’ve had the impression that I might not be seeing them all. I’ve had no proof until I noticed that two out of my last three posts have not been shown in the Reader. The Happiness Engineers can see no reason why they would not appear, but guess it might be because more people than usual are posting and this is overwhelming the system. They can’t offer any hope of fixing this anytime soon, so publishing is a bit hit and miss.

My two ‘missing’ posts are here:

Spring Tree Canopies for Earth Day

Hardy Geranium With Fern Shawl

Some people have discovered these, but most have not. I’m intrigued to know how they have been found – perhaps if people are following by email, following / searching for a tag, or because the lost-in-the-Reader issue does not affect everyone. If you’ve got any ideas, or have noticed this happening to your posts, I’d be interested to know.

2. Vanishing comments

Over the last few days comments have been sparser in my notifications than usual. I’d assumed this was because my posts were vanishing, but it seems something else is happening too.

Several people posted yesterday to say that they are getting email notifications of comments that don’t exist when they visit their blogs, making it impossible to reply.

As I don’t get emails about comments, it could be that some have vanished that I don’t know about, but what’s certain is that they are not all vanishing. However, I have just noticed a similar issue.

When someone replies to my comment, I am not always being notified. It’s a bit hard to explain how this works, but here goes: most replies to my replies to comments left on my own posts are not appearing in my notifications (underneath the bell icon). I can find them via my dashboard or by visiting my blog – or so I think. If your head is exploding at this point – I’m sorry. Mine is exploding too!

I’m not always being advised of replies to comments I’ve left on other people’s blogs, although I am notified if they like my comment. These ‘missing’ replies are a bit harder to track down, especially as the problem is intermittent.

I would guess that some of you are also not being notified when I reply to your comments. I’m sorry about that! I appreciate comments and do try to reply to them all, although it might take a few days.

I have reported the first issue and have seen various people saying that WordPress are aware of the second issue and are working on a fix. My fingers are crossed that both will soon be sorted.

Meanwhile I’m going to post this and hope for the best. Keep an eye out for similar gremlins affecting your blog. We might not be able to fix it, but it’s good to know what’s happening.

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    1. I’ve heard the comments notification is fixed, going forward, but not retrospectively. If the former is true, I’ll happily accept the latter.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Peg. I had the feeling that at least some emails were getting through and it’s great to have that confirmed.

  1. I am so glad to read this! Yesterday WordPress told me I had 5 comments but no matter how many times I counted there were only four. But it was the day I was talking to bread, so I naturally thought I’d just lost what marbles I once had. I thought I had noticed something in my gmail that I hadn’t seen in Reader, and that might have been one of your missing posts. I will go back to see. As though life isn’t complicated enough right now Thanks for helping!

    1. I trust the bread did not reply (or if it did, it was quiet enough not to be perceptible). It would be hard to eat talking bread and, as you say, we don’t need any more complications.

      1. This comment did not appear on the post but in notifications. I’m glad it wasn’t lost because I appreciated the laugh. I will be listening!

  2. Yup. Those things have happened to me both with other people’s blogs and my own blog. Hope WordPress gets things sorted out because I really do love this community. Your blog and all the other ones I follow make my world a better place, especially during this time of confinement.

    1. Thanks, Laurie. I feel exactly the same. It is such a joy to be able to share pictures and ideas and have thoughtful people respond to them.

    1. I’ve been checking because a couple of people I know have been ending up in there – hosts of challenges who have a lot of responding to do.

  3. I found out quite by accident, that you must wait until the little dial has finished spinning after posting a comment, otherwise it will not appear. I had commented on a Post and came out of it then remembered I meant to add something else, went back in and it wasn’t there. I figured out that I was too hasty in leaving that particular site. I’ve got a worse problem, WP won’t allow me to add any pictures saying I’ve used my allowance, but I paid for, and have the receipt for an upgrade but I can’t get anyone to attend to it.

    1. Oh no, that’s bad news! I hope by now you have managed to get an answer. If not make sure you contact the help again today. Have you tried using the link behind the blue question mark in your dashboard (bottom right corner)?

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