Hardy Geranium With Fern Shawl

Hardy geranium growing through a fern

The geranium has slipped a flower and bud above the fern’s patterns making it seem as if the flower is wearing a shawl of green lace. The radial lines of the flower are decorative too.

I’m not sure the geranium will be 100% happy living so close to a fern, but visually it’s one of those happy accidents nature presents.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. Love those geraniums! Mine are just little nubs coming up out of the ground now. Or they were 2 days ago. It’s been snowing since, and I haven’t been out to look. They could be full on plants by now!

  2. I’m as taken with the ferns as the geranium, but you’re right that the combination is especially nice. Our native geraniums are in full bloom now — the flowers are about a third of an inch across, and they act like a ground cover. They certainly surprised me, since I always thought of geraniums as nothing more than those bright red things you buy at the grocery store.

    1. Pelargonium does not roll off the tongue so well as geranium, so few of us use it. Hardy geraniums are some of my favourite plants.

  3. Wow, you described it perfectly. It does look like a shawl of lace. Very nice!

  4. Love hardy geraniums with blue/bluish flowers. ‘Johnson’s Blue’ is a favorite. I have ordered some ‘Brookside’ for planting this spring.

  5. The way that bud is snuggled up to the flower makes me think that the whole thing was quite deliberate; they knew you were coming. I am intrigued by the purpled fern at the bottom of the picture — was that color borrowed from a geranium?

    1. The purple is a glimpse of another flower underneath. It could not reach up far enough to join the other, so let’s hope it is content to be in the shade.

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