The Power Of Green

Light and shade reflected on tree leaves and grass
Light and shade make a glade look magical
Bramble leaves lit up by sunlight are a highlight in a wood
Bramble leaves act as a light catcher

In celebration of the first day of summer, and the longest day in our hemisphere, I’m sharing pictures taken earlier this week in Sefton Park, Liverpool. What a blessing access to a green space can be! It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying an early evening stroll, lying on the grass or resting on a bench there.

Happy solstice!

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    1. It would have been be lovely to see what you would have come up with. Unusually for me, I only took the one of the bramble leaves. It was as if they had an arrow over them, saying click in this direction!

      1. It’s the sort of shot and lighting I’m watching out for at the moment with my experiments adapting various lenses to the mirrorless camera.

  1. And a happy solstice to you, too! The photos are wonderfully uplifting — they cool and warm all at once. Perfect for the day!

    1. Thank you. They seemed to illustrate the power of where the sun falls, which made me think of Stonehenge and that ancient effort to mark the precise spot on a particular day.

  2. Thank you Susan for this wonderful photos! The contrast between light and shadow is amazing! A happy solstice to you too!

    1. It’s very inappropriate, but the picture reminds me of Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles and how I always liked the green one best. I don’t know if it really was a different flavour or whether it was all in my imagination.

      1. Hehe. I always hated green sweets. I’ m more of a jellybean fan (though I do like fruit pastilles), and I do think that the different colours taste different to each other.

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