Painterly Alstroemerias

White, yellow, pink, purple and orange flowers

I once grew a batch of the ‘ordinary’ orange alstroemerias from seed. They did well, very well, dispersing by any means at their disposal. I should have anticipated that having grown them from seed, they might continue to grow from seed by their own devices.

Modern varieties are bred to have purer colours, to be less invasive, hardier and to repeat flower more prolifically. These alstroemerias were exhibited by Alstroemeria Direct at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. 

I’m sharing them for Cee’s Flower of the Day. Was it the mix of light and shade, the careful arrangement of colours or the natural habit of the plant that made them look painterly?

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  1. They are gorgeous and I only saw them for the first time about 18 months ago and even then, had to ask a horticultural friend their name.

    They seem very hardy and have lovely colours.

  2. Painterly indeed! What a palette! I look out the window at a sleet-covered world and then I look at the alstroemeria. Guess where my eyes linger. And yet, of all the ironies, I covet the white blooms. Go figure.

    1. They’re certainly cheery. I found this in my spam folder. I rescued it of course, and it might be a one off, but you might want to keep your eye on whether your comments are vanishing – it won’t be helpful if it happens next month!

      1. Ooh thanks for letting me know. I wonder if it’s because I was doing lots within a short space of time. I’ll keep an eye out ☺️

  3. Alstroemerias were my first cut flower crop back in 1986, when they were still a new trend. Since then, I have found that the cut flower cultivars that were originally available were impossible to find again. Instead, nurseries sold those short and rubbery ‘garden’ varieties. I did not like the sickly and spotty pink colors much. I am fortunate the we somehow have three of the old types at work. Yours are actually very interesting because of the clearer colors. The foliage looks more like the old types, which would be very appealing as well.

  4. Great colours and a lovely energetic arrangement. I haven’t seen alstromerias in these colours before.

  5. I was about to congratulate you on the arrangement until I finished – I should have known it was professional. Beautiful picture, though, and if I was further south I’d be ordering some seeds!

    1. The person who did the arrangement was so familiar with them that they understood how to use their natural habit to bring out their beauty. There is no point fighting a flower – they fall as they will. Once sundered from the ground, they have nothing in them to resist gravity.

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