Happiness In A Vase: Zinnias

Bunch of zinnias

This sweet little posy of zinnias was all the nicer for being a gift from Jim Rosenblatt. His official title may be Dean Emeritus of The Mississippi College School of Law, but he wears the unofficial title of Plant Enthusiast with the same self-depreciation and benevolent good nature.

Several years ago, he created a cutting / kitchen garden in an unused corner of the faculty’s parking lot. The soil is rich and crumbly now, after years of being tended, making the plot very productive. These zinnias were freshly gathered from there.

I wonder how many other people have benefitted from gifts of peppers, tomatoes, herbs and flowers from his car park plot? Many more will have their day brightened by spotting this city centre garden as they passed. 

In a nod to Krista’s weekly photo challenge: experimental, I’ve added a process filter effect to the picture to give a nostalgic feel to these, surely among the most traditional of all annual flowers.

If you missed my recent post on annuals, you can read it here. 

24 Replies to “Happiness In A Vase: Zinnias”

  1. If ever there were an argument for annuals, zinnias would be it. And if ever there were an argument for a parking lot, it would be the corners that might be gardens. What a great thing to do!

  2. My zinnias are gone until next year. Glad to know they’re still blooming in Mississippi! What great flowers they are! And kudos to the car park gardener. People just want a little place to grow things–and such pleasure it gives.

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