Massive Live Oak Trees

Live oak with people looking very small beside it

This Southern live oak tree (Quercus virginiana) seemed almost too big to fit on the camera screen, silly as that seems. I had planned to crop out the people, but rethought the shot because they give a sense of scale. Their placement doesn’t comply with the rule of thirds (rule of thirty-thirds, perhaps) but then my pictures rarely do. 

Southern live oak tree

The dark limbs, foliage and Spanish moss have a sombre character, so the flash of bright copper foliage towards the top right fascinated me. Despite the colour, the tree limbs dominate the shot.

Live oak tree in sepia

The scene seemed to be crying out for sepia, and the old fashioned, dream-like quality it gives. Trees of this stature are awe inspiring. I only took a few shots as they seemed to defy my ability to capture them, but looking back, I’m glad I tried.

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