Thursday Doors: Blue Sky Door

Door painted with landscape and a floating armadillo

This characterful door hasn’t experienced much traffic lately, as the untrampled wildflowers bear witness. It is part of the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture (Southpop) complex on South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas – or just around the corner from it.

I found this picture particularly tricky to write alt text for. How do you describe it in just a few words to a person who can’t see it? Lilac walls, yellow paintwork and iron railings frame a door painted with a grassy hillside and a river winding along at its foot. There’s a serene blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Thrown in for good measure are a floating armadillo; bluebonnets (I think); the Lone Star Flag of Texas; 109 written in a shamrock; and 1950 Willie in large orange letters.

It’s intriguing, but it makes me glad I’m not a postman. There’s no letterbox anyway, though it looks as if most letters could be slipped under the door.

Shared for Thursday Doors.

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