On A Cold Sunday

Pleasure Chest in the Snow

Snow fell a couple of days ago, then quickly froze, making inside seem like a good place to be. A chicken pot pie is in the oven and I thought I’d take the time to share three things you might enjoy. 

  1. If you like wildlife photography, please take a look at Joel Sartore’s studio pictures of endangered animals as featured on the BBC’s news site. The expressions and postures of the Coquerel’s sifaka, the shy-looking prickly critter, the baby Tree Pangolin and the turtle are a treat, whatever the weather.
  2. Russels Lof is the online home of just one of many patient and talented nature photographers blogging on WordPress. I can’t read her text without translation, but love the softness and focus of her images. If you’re spoilt for choice, look at the ladybird macros (you might know them as lady bugs or lady beetles) or the farm post with the sheep.
  3. The third one. Now I’m spoilt for choice. I’m going to recommend that, if you have any interest in innovation and marketing, you follow Seth Godin. By chance he was one of the first people I followed on WordPress. I originally mistook him for an ordinary bloke (only teasing – I’m sure he is) but gradually realised that his pithy, perceptive, encouraging daily snippets of wisdom were being too widely shared for him to be unknown. A couple of ideas from his recent posts:

When everyone is in favour… it’s almost certain that there’s confusion about what’s being decided.


No more chances to do yesterday over, sorry. But infinite chances for tomorrow. If you could do tomorrow over again, would you?


We can survive if we eat candy for an entire day, but if we put the greenmarkets out of business along the way, all that’s left is candy.

Food for thought. Feel free to add a recommendation or two of your own below.


18 Replies to “On A Cold Sunday”

  1. Noortje Russel is a woman, BTW, and yes, her photos are so very sensitive and lovely. One has to use Google Translate, which is not that great, but gives you the gist of the post. The other two, I look forward to exploring – thanks for the leads!

  2. Ah! I’m a fan of Seth Godin, too! I always look forward to his posts. Such a wise man. 😀

    1. Did you know there’s a plugin dedicated to him – What would Seth Godin do? I’ve never tried it, being on .com, but the idea me smile.

      1. Thanks for trying but it’s just not working on my phone. It takes me to a proper website rather than his posts. And no option to follow. I’ll try in a proper computer when I get home. Thank you though.

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