Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

I’m often surprised to see plants growing in strange places with little obvious means of support, such as this colourful succulent on top of a wire cage filled with rocks. Luckily for us, nature is resilient. These hollyhocks seemed quite content with poor soil at the base of a stone cottage in the Cotswolds, adapting to their surroundings by leaning outwards to catch more light.

I posted earlier this week about resilient plants that grow almost wild in a cemetery (if you’re a rose lover, and missed the post, you can find it here).

It’s impossible for me to write on this prompt without mentioning my belief that climate change is a real threat to us all. Let’s not push nature too hard or blithely take for granted her ability to bounce back. Resilience doesn’t mean invulnerable.

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  1. Those of us who tend out grounds and seek a symbiotic relationship with nature are tuned-in to the small changes in our little corners of the world. Many of those who have created most of the conditions that have caused these ecological changes are much more interested in making money (for themselves and their shareholders) than in keeping our little planet healthy. Shame on them!

    1. One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard was William McDonough, keynote speaker at a Garden Writers’ Symposium about Cradle to Cradle Design. He made a lot of sense.

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