12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Photoshopped Hellebores

    • susurrus says:

      You’re right! The original picture wasn’t bad, but the lighting was a bit lifeless, so I added a poster edges filter, then cut it out.

      Weirdly it doesn’t seem to have altered the pattern on the bowl – I was hoping for a flatter, wallpaper-like effect on the whole image.

    • susurrus says:

      It does seem of another time. I tried it in black and white too, but it was overly patterned (the eye couldn’t quickly pick out the edges of the flowers) and the unusual parchment colour was lost to greys.

  1. Judy says:

    Hi Susan, I love flowers and am an illustrator. For decades I created watercolor paintings of flowers. Then of course, came the time where I had to learn to use my computer. Photoshop has been a great tool and I love fooling around with filters etc. When I saw your experiment (which I think is great – good job of selecting!) – I played around with it just a little. Adding a background de-emphasized the plate elipse and working a little with the levels helped the flowers to pop.

    And I’ll share a link to my illustration blog where the subjects are my floral illustrations. I’m a commercial artist, so I follow what I’m assigned to do. That just means my illustration subjects were predetermined and a bit less creative. But it helped me make a living that way!

    • susurrus says:

      Thanks for sharing the link. I can see that you teach art and your flower illustrations (and those of your students) are fascinating. I’d love to be able to draw but I can’t. I think that’s why I sometimes play around with the Photoshop filters. It’s the closest I’ll get to drawing.

      • Judy says:

        I love playing around with those filters, too. One of my favorite ones is “Film Grain.” I also use multiple filters and make layer copies. Then I change the opacity a little so that filters are combined! Sorry if I got a little technical, but thought it might be fun for you to try.

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