13 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: winter garden”

      1. Oh thank you! I can see having one in our back yard! We once had these specific myrtle trees in our yard in Dallas, which I called my Elf trees! They were so lovely. I don’t think they could grow this far North, but I hope the Tibetan cherry can.

        1. I love seeing crape myrtles when I visit the South. We don’t have them in England. I remember seeing an alley of them in Dallas. But gardening is all swings and roundabouts – we can’t grow everything but there’s something we can grow that will fill the need.

  1. I love this picture so much! I love how it changes hues from different angles, yet all of it looks so stunning and amazing on it’s own! Nature is so beautiful!

  2. Wow! Your photos are really wonderful and I’m just glad to have found you here. I can see so much passion in your writing and the way you capture Nature. I love it!

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