The eyes have it

Flute playing gnome

The eyes of this flute-playing garden gnome have a pensive, far away look – not surprisingly as he’s frozen in time, listening for his cue to come in.

Let’s hope he comes to life and plays a merry tune now and then when no one’s around.

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9 Replies to “The eyes have it”

  1. Travelocity has as its mascot a “Roaming Gnome” and this fellow looks like he’s played his tune for a long time now…but I don’t know how much traveling he has personally done. He does look up for the challenge of playing on when called upon. Love seeing Gnomes in the occasional yard and garden in our neck of the woods but they often don’t have an instrument at hand like this fellow. Play on sir!

  2. Love the picture, and I can so see the little fellow come to life and send a song into the universe. I would imagine it might be experienced by humans as hearing a melody off in the wood nearby yet not being able to find its source. 🙂

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