Finding Beauty in Simple Things: Nandina Leaves

Autumn leaves: nandina

Nandinas (and many other foliage plants) left me fairly cold until I started to take an interest in floristry and landscaping. I took them for granted. Now I look with fresh eyes, I see how decorative their small, grape-like bunches of berries and patterned leaflets are.

Nandina leaf with cutout filter

Inspired by the autumn colours and patterns of the leaves of this nandina domestica, I pushed the effect by applying a Photoshop cutout filter.

Whatever the season in your part of the world, I hope you’re enjoying a bright, fresh and beautiful day as we are – and that you’ll find a moment to enjoy something uncomplicated that you might otherwise have taken for granted.

9 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in Simple Things: Nandina Leaves

    • susurrus says:

      I’m glad you’ve got chance to enjoy putting your garden back to rights after your Hong Kong trip, which I enjoyed vicariously through reading your posts.

  1. sportsattitudes says:

    Cold, rainy and damp. As dreary a day as one can be dealt here today. But these pictures warm the soul and once the sun shines again come tomorrow they’ll be on their finest display live and in their full glory!

  2. susanpots says:

    I am a former fan of Nandina, or Heavenly Bamboo, which is not a bamboo at all.
    Dug out my last specimen after learning how toxic the berries are to unsuspecting birds. Apparently, birds have been found dead near berry-filled nandina plants.
    Some detective work found the deadly berries to be the culprit.
    There are so many other beautiful shrubs that can fill that space in my garden.

    • susurrus says:

      I suppose you could always cut the berries off. We’ve never found any dead birds in my sweetheart’s garden, which has a lot of Nandinas – the garden is full of birds because there is food and water. He says the warnings relate to birds such as cedar waxwings that swoop in and can strip the whole plant of berries when they can’t find anything else to eat. Eating such a lot of Nandina berries at one time can kill them.

      I read a blog the other day of plants to avoid if you have dogs and was amazed and alarmed at the list. Luckily our old dog never touched any of them!

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