Finding Beauty in Simple Things: Nandina Leaves

Autumn leaves: nandina

Nandinas (and many other foliage plants) left me fairly cold until I started to take an interest in floristry and landscaping. I took them for granted. Now I look with fresh eyes, I see how decorative their small, grape-like bunches of berries and patterned leaflets are.

Nandina leaf with cutout filter

Inspired by the autumn colours and patterns of the leaves of this nandina domestica, I pushed the effect by applying a Photoshop cutout filter.

Whatever the season in your part of the world, I hope you’re enjoying a bright, fresh and beautiful day as we are – and that you’ll find a moment to enjoy something uncomplicated that you might otherwise have taken for granted.

8 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in Simple Things: Nandina Leaves

  1. susanpots says:

    I am a former fan of Nandina, or Heavenly Bamboo, which is not a bamboo at all.
    Dug out my last specimen after learning how toxic the berries are to unsuspecting birds. Apparently, birds have been found dead near berry-filled nandina plants.
    Some detective work found the deadly berries to be the culprit.
    There are so many other beautiful shrubs that can fill that space in my garden.


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