Creepy scarecrow

Creepy scarecrow

It’s hard to say who was the most creeped out – the scarecrow (after all, he’s chained to a post, so he can’t run away) or me when we suddenly found ourselves face to face. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions based only on appearances – he may be a jolly nice chap who just happens to look like a killer zombie. 

After all, he spends his days on a worthy cause, guarding blackberries and sunflowers in a small allotment (part of a community garden). I don’t imagine birds are as superstitious as humans, but I can’t see many of us risking his ire by stealing his crop – not when we can find raspberries and blackberries growing wild in almost every hedgerow!

If (unlike me) you relish creepy things, don’t miss this week’s photo challenge – but beware – some of these pictures should come with a government health warning!

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  1. Okay, I’m one of those who loved it! In fact, what popped into my mind was “The Walking Dead,” a favorite TV series of mine. 🙂 So my question is, do they really scare away crows? Wouldn’t they have to be moving in some way, for the birds and other brother and sister beings to hit the road.

    1. I think moving ones are probably more effective. Another gardener had rigged up a series of plastic bottles with flaps cut in them to catch the wind. They rattled as they span which was even better!

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