10 Replies to “Primulas at Harlow Carr Gardens”

  1. When in the Seattle area primroses were an early bloomer. I enjoyed them very much. I don’t think I have seen in the Boise area in my life. It must be too hot for them here. Temperatures for the next 2 weeks over 100.

  2. I have never seen or heard of primulas before, but since seeing your photos, they’ve kicked some other flower off my “Top 5 Favorites” list. They are gorgeous and your photos are amazing. I came to your site from Cee’s because I saw the beautiful flower you use in lieu of yourself as your i.d. picture for your blog. I must know what that flower is! Thanks for expanding my vision and knowledge. I love your blog. Judy

  3. I sat and sipped my coffee… and sat some more… sipping
    but what I was really doing was enjoying these delightful flowers.
    They are truly magnificent… but only because you framed them perfectly!

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