Weekly Photo challenge: Morris Dancers

Morris dancers

The weekly photo challenge isn’t Morris dancers (if it was, I’m not sure many entries there’d be, though I certainly don’t underestimate the WordPress community). It’s Roy G. Biv – all the colours of the rainbow. 

Morris men

We saw these morris dancers resting their clogs during a break at the Saddleworth Rushcart: a traditional Morris Ring meeting that attracts many teams of dancers. To kick off the proceedings, around 150 Morris Men pull a rushcart up a surprisingly steep hill.

2014 Saddleworth Rushcart

A jockey has the honour of riding the precarious, 14ft pile of rushes – and of designing the banner that decorates the cart. Previous years’ banners are displayed in St Chad’s church in Uppermill: each commemorates a special event, person or anniversary.

Dancing shoes with bells

The enthusiastic family crowd, colourful dancers, musicians and traditional activities such as gurning make for a great day out – or you can camp on site for a small fee. If you’ve never been before, expect to meet lots of characterful people and to see some interesting photo opportunities. Oh, and you can treat yourself to some Lancashire delicacies, including one of my favourites – potato pie and mushy peas!

More information

The 2015 Rushcart is from 6pm Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd August. Please check the website before travelling. The English Folk Dance and Song Society website has details of events – and 80,000 pages of traditional songs, dances, tunes and customs. For more about Morris Men, visit the official website The Morris Ring.

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  1. thoughts36 says:

    Fancy that. I saw your post in the reader and thought I bet I could find some Morris Men, read your post and well, what a small world the blogging world, not to mention the world wide web is, I can almost see Saddleworth from my house. I live about 10 miles away just over the hills. I thought when I was looking at one of your photo’s last week that a stone wall in the garden looked very much like the stone walls round here.

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