Your opinion, please!

(Poll now closed)

I’m sure many of you have a piggybank of ideas for future blog posts, either in your head or jotted down somewhere. Me too!

The trouble is my piggybank is a bit too full after my travels, so I thought I would appeal for your help to decide which posts I should share first. (Perhaps I should say ‘create first’ – I don’t want to give the impression these are all ready to publish – I’ve a few too many pictures to sort).

I also thought it might be fun to test out a poll as I’ve never done one before. So here goes… please join in!

It should be quick and easy for you to vote: you are welcome to choose up to four subjects which can include your own suggestion if you’d like.

Just don’t ask me for pictures of Saturn as I haven’t got any!


Thanks so much if you’ve been kind enough to vote!


Update: it was a lot of fun seeing how everyone voted. Time to ‘fess up: I got carried away and accidentally voted in my own poll. I was just testing to see how easy it was and I had a head-in-hand moment when I realised what I had done. Luckily I didn’t skew the results as it turned out I voted for the most popular ones! The ‘Other’ vote was for Sunshine Farm and Gardens.

I’ve closed the poll now, but the comments are still open.

15 Replies to “Your opinion, please!”

  1. They all sound good to me too. Austin’s Wildflower Center is of special interest, I adore Brent and Becky AND their bulbs, and personal gardens are always intriguing.

    1. It’s a pity it isn’t possible to fit more detail on to a poll. If you search online for HGTV SmartHome you’ll be able to find out all about it.

        1. It’s lots of little details like that: for example, you could switch the bathroom window to opaque and the skylights were rain sensitive so they would automatically close if needed.

  2. The poll was fun. Thanks! I’ve been thinking about doing this exact thing on my blog, too. Yes, there are so many ideas I have for posts, which of course you understand. It was fun getting to participate.

    1. Thanks for voting. Give it a try – I found it surprisingly exciting to see the votes coming in. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that you don’t get the results in the normal way as notifications as voting is anonymous. I discovered you have to go to WP admin, then Feedback. 

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