6 thoughts on “Flower faces: green hellebore

  1. aranislandgirl says:

    I used to work as a florist back in the States and noticed the lack of green (and true blue) flowers. I always loved Bells of Ireland (ironically, long before I had a notion of ever moving here). Since I mentioned it, I was always slightly annoyed when purple flowers were described/marketed as blue. Never could understand that. Anywho, your picture is gorgeous, such great detail.


  2. susurrus says:

    Thanks. It’s a quick teaser for a post I’m planning about the recent Hellebore Day at Ashwood Nurseries when I have a little more time to do it well. I would have loved to have snapped up this plant, but someone already had it reserved in a trolley, so I could only photograph it. They had some very dark slatey ones too – virtually black. I know what you mean about blue flowers. I’ve never seen a rose I consider to be blue. I wouldn’t even call some ‘blue’ roses purple!


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