How do you re-spring your step?

I believe we each have default natures and that we naturally revert to them, given half a chance. It’s part of what we call ‘character’ – the source of our resilience. I’m lucky – all I usually need is a decent night’s sleep to re-spring my step: every day is a new day.

That doesn’t mean I miraculously have the answer to whatever might have insidiously crept up on my blind side and pressed my feet more firmly down on the ground the day before – though sleep often provides me with a new idea about that too.

I don’t claim to spend each day unperturbed or that I’m never dismayed or thwarted during it. But I tend to wake up cheerful, with a new resolution to try again, and to keep trying until I find an approach I can be happy with.

It’s not something I consciously do: it’s something that happens and I count my blessings for that. It does feel rather like a secret weapon – I’m sure a lot of my creativity depends on this daily ‘resetting’.

I jokingly call the first moments when I wake up ‘bliss’ in a valiant attempt to prevent anyone disturbing it. I’m warm, unable to move, letting thoughts drift in on all kinds of subjects. It’s amazing how often I get out of bed with a new perspective on something that I left unresolved the day before.

I am patient enough to know that you can’t fix everything in a day. So I often take the opportunity to do my best, then put things aside and wait to see if overnight inspiration will strike, especially if there’s no pressure to act immediately, and all other avenues have been exhausted.

During the day, I firmly believe that the best way to put a spring back in anyone’s step is to put on a decent pair of boots and get out into a garden or the countryside. We went for a winding winter walk along a snowy path by a swollen river a few days ago. The concentration required to keep yourself upright, on the river bank is almost guaranteed to clear any other thoughts from your mind!

This is my response to today’s Daily Prompt: Re-springing Your Step as part of my Blogging 101 activities. If you have any thoughts on resilience, or helpful techniques to share, why not respond to the prompt yourself, or leave me a comment below?

2 Replies to “How do you re-spring your step?”

  1. Very inspiring, in trying to keep the attitude positive and also for the idea of getting out and enjoying nature. It is always a needed pick-me-up for me.

  2. I’m glad you agree. I’ve seen research that suggests gardening makes us happier and healthier and I can understand why – though it never seems to mention the aches that can follow a long session hunched over a tray of seedlings to pot them on!

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